About Us

Zoey Grace was a dream that I never knew existed until God moved my heart about 2 years ago.  It evolved slowly as God placed one piece at a time, almost like a puzzle.  Reluctantly I tried to ignore his voice, mostly because I couldn’t imagine, dream, or comprehend all that was to come. 

Zoey means life and the intent of the name is to live in the beautiful image that God created you to be. To live your life, to run your race and to stay focus on all that he has destined for you to be.  Grace is the matter in which your confidence is exuded towards others and a reflection of his love and compassion that we all should reflect. 

Zoey Grace is not just a clothing boutique that sells beautiful things but so much more than that.  It is a dream that was firmly found and rooted in his direction and purpose.  Zoey Grace is each woman’s potential that is found and released when they are obedient to Gods word and submit all that they are to please him.  For the pointed word in Psalms 30 reminds us that “charm is deceptive and beauty does not last but the greatest beauty is found in a woman who fears the Lord.”  That is the beauty that Zoey Grace contends for women to know deeply.  For there is nothing better, sweeter or more rewarding than that. 

We love beautiful things and we believe that the clothing is to make the visible, visible.  As you are walking with him it is so important to reflect the beauty that is already living deep inside.  His grace is a sweet frosting that adds the additional confidence of who you already are.  Each piece is thoughtfully chosen to ensure it reflects the latest styles and trends in a tastful, beautiful with a lil sexy flare.  Prices are prayerfully marked so that each piece is accessible to our customers as well. 

Zoey Grace loves bringing to life the beauty that is already inside of each daughter of the King.  We pride ourselves in being obedient with all that God blesses us with as we support our local churches and tithed 10% of our profits.  We are currently working with a local organization that would reach young girls who are broken and alone, who don’t know their true value.  We will be giving 5% of our proceeds to them once we have completed the process.  Once all the details are secured and permission is granted we can’t wait to share this exciting partnership with all of our loyal customers. 

We believe in investing in the next generation so if there is anything on your heart we would love to hear from you.  We pray that Zoey Grace would be a place where you would feel comfortable to shop and be reminded of your beauty in him.  That you would be empowered to step out boldly and without fear in all that he asks you to do.

For outside of his will there is nothing for us and inside his will we will not fear.

Be beautiful, walk in your potential and live in your full expression!

Zoey Grace