Aloha Friends

Wow!  I still can't believe this is our 7th year in Business and running Zoey Grace.  It's crazy to imagine that this business was just a dream in my heart that the Holy Spirit spoke into me and then sparked in our kitchen as I shared with my husband my heart to "do something!"  Honestly, we were happily married, solid jobs, tithing, serving, you know doing all the things but something was missing.  It was almost too comfortable, too predictable..  

Starting Zoey Grace launched me into a new season that expanded my faith and trust in the Lord. It has humbled me in ways that weren't always kind but stretched me to grow beyond what I thought I could handle.  You see the one thing that held me back was FEAR. Yep, just the idea of failing triggered me to worry, have anxiety and honestly make me want to run.  But it was through the process that I learned the pruning is where you develop, improve and become resilient. 

So thankful to continue to glorify Jesus through our apparel. I pray you are encouraged to go for your dreams, trust the Lord and shock everyone! Thank you for your generous and loyal support through your prayers and purchases. We are so thankful for you!

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