Fall Favorites

Falling for Fall

I love Fall!  Fall in Hawaii is a little bit different but I still look forward to it every year!  We may not have the crisp cool weather, changing colors but let me tell you we go the distance and pretend by grabbing a Hot Pumpkin Spice Latte in 90 degree weather!

Fall begins a new season as we look forward to the end of the year!  Gathering with friends and families, celebrating the holidays and all the FOOD!  This year will probably look a little different but I'm making the most of it!  

Decorating for Fall has always brought me JOY!  This year was a bit more challenging as Hawaii was faced with multiple lockdowns and my favorite store TJMAX  was forced to close its doors.  Finding cute affordable home decor was challenging and so this year I extended my shopping radius to buy most of my stuff online!  Yep!  Target had a few things that I loved but Amazon totally surprised me and of course I had to splurge on a few cute things from my ultimate favorite store Pottery Barn!  

I love simple, clean and warm elements that make our home feel warm, cozy and inviting.  I always have to keep in mind practicality because let's be honest... I have 3 kids and Hannah loves to make a mess wherever she goes!  This year I was able to refresh some of the old while grabbing a few new things to make it feel just right!  I hope you enjoy this little blogpost and maybe it will spark some joy for you as well to add a little Fall in your home too!  I tried to link as much as I could so you could easily find things!  This post is not sponsored but just me sharing my heart with you!

  • I love a clean & minimal kitchen.  Less is more. :)
  1. Target Black Kitchen Stools
  • I love candy corn so much!  Theres something so nostalgic about it and having it in a pretty jar during the holiday season is my favorite!
  1. Mug: TJMAX
  2. Amazon Pumpkin Jar 
  3. Amazon Greenery
  4. Wheat Grass (hard to see)
  5. Vase (hard to see) Another more Affordable Amazon Option
  • Fall Decorative Caddy:  I honestly don't know the name for this thing but I am loving it this year!  I love how you can re-decorate it for every holiday throughout the year! 
  1. Tiered Metal Cake Stand
  2. Pottery Barn Pumpkin Mug
  3. Amazon Beaded Decor
  4. Pottery Barn Pumpkins (SOLD OUT)
Dining Room:
  • Pumpkins Galore: love piling pumpkins together in a bowl or vase for a little touch of Fall.  
  1. Amazon Dining Chairs
  2. Target Table Runner
  3. Pumpkins: Target Dollar Spot ( a few years ago)
  4. Amazon Frosted Greenery
  5. Target Bowl for Pumpkins: a few seasons ago.. Can't find a link.
Living Room:
  • I am loving the soft neutral hues with a touch of pumpkin.  I ordered a mustard pillow but it hasn't come in yet.
  1. Colored Pillows: Last Season
  2. Amazon Tassel Pillow
  3. Target Blanket/Throw: the softest thing ever!  Francis and I fight over it all the time!
  4. Target Coffee Table
  5. Table Decor: Pumpkin, Greenery (something similar) , Stacked Books
  6. Area Rug from Amazon
  7. Amazon Neutral Wreath
Well, I hope you enjoyed that little linkable haul. I love adding a few new things each year and just re-furbishing your old stuff to feel like new!  Even on a tight budget you can make little changes that can really change a space! 

Decor on a Budget Tips:

1. Buy items at the End of the Season (Clearance) YES! Save your money!  I love to go the day after Thanksgiving & Christmas!
2. Invest in pieces that have longevity and are going to last. Things that you can re-invent and re-purpose.  Your style will change!  I know hard to believe!
3. Less is MORE! Investing in one nice thing sometimes is so much better than buying a bunch of inexpensive stuff. Quality over Quantity!
Thanks so much for stopping by and making it to the end!  I always value your feedback and if you liked this Blogpost and the links provided please let me know by leaving a comment!  Blessings to you and yours!












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