Free Fathers Day Book 2020


Fathers Day is right around the corner and as I began to brainstorm what we could buy, do and say to honor my husband this year I was reminded that it's the small things that are done with BIG LOVE that matter most. It's not the price tag but the priceless memories that share our appreciation and love for all that my husband does to be the best Father everyday. 
 I wanted to create something that poured into not what the world saw as success or fame but what his children saw in him.  To remind him of all that he is, their hero, their friend, their protector and leader!  This started off as a simple little craft from the "teacher mom" who is always looking for easy DIY options during the holidays.  When I couldn't find something I liked I went forward in making something on my own.  It isn't fancy or perfect but I pray that it will be a treasure that you can share with your Man of the House, father of your children.  Fathers have such a heavy responsibility to guide, provide and lead our families through every season.  The Lord set high expectations for our men and I know that can weigh heavy on many Fathers at times.  May this little book share our love and appreciation as we honor them this Sunday! 
Blessings & Aloha,



Directions for Craft:
  1. Print out the templates provided and cut out the pages.  The pages make a 5"x5" book when it is completed.  
  2. Have your child to fill in the the questions and draw a corresponding picture for the questions.  
  3. For little kids you can choose to only print a few of the pages to shorten it a bit.  
  4. When you are done coloring your book lay our your book and glue the pages together.  For example: The cover page with #1 Dad will be glued to the page that says To and From on it.. Continue to glue them together. 
  5. When you are done gather all pages in the correct order and place them in a nice pile.  The next step is optional but I think it makes the book look a lot nicer.  Cut out a piece of construction paper that is a little bigger than the 5" booklet so that is folds over the spine of the book.  Glue it on the seam and you are done!
  6. Give it to Dad on his special day!












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