Celebrating Boys!


As long as I could remember we have always celebrated boys day on May 5th!  Did you know these festivals came to the United States with Japanese immigrants who left Japan in the late 1800s. Boy’s Day is celebrated in Hawaii on the same day as it is in Japan, May 5th. Families fly colored carp streamers on bamboo poles from their roofs. There is one carp for each boy in the family. It is now celebrated as children's day but call me traditional as I love to celebrate it how I remember it giving Boys their special day and Girl's their special day on March 3rd. I love celebrating the holidays with my kids and creating fun crafts and experiences for them! But life is busy and reality is I can't do everything which I am learning (not that easy) but I can do somethings to make these holidays special! I love simple, fun and engaging activities that encourage me to spend quality time with them! I hope you enjoy these crafts and feel free to use them to celebrate your boys!
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