Hi Friends! Many have asked countless times about who is Zoey Grace?  Or who is the person behind the brand...  I honestly have contemplated so man times sharing my identify with my customers, friends and the world for that matter but never felt like it was necessary.  Maybe I was just nervous to expose myself to others, especially strangers who I did not know and to protect my family as well.  As I entered a new season this year it once again came up and I contemplated with the pros and the cons.  To be honest the one thing that was stopping me was FEAR... Yes you all know that pesky guy that can start as a tiny little thought but grow extremely quickly to terrible thoughts...  

I began to think about exposure and what I feared?  Was it being scrutinized or judged?  What if someone saw my obnoxious flaws or my love out loud (literally) personality?  Would people be less happy to shop at my brand knowing I am just an ordinary girl who loves Jesus, fashion and wants to do EXTRAORDINARY THINGS?!  I began to fixate on the exposure and funny thing it was both thrilling and scary all at the same time! To bring what is hidden out of the dark and into the light felt like such a risk?  The exposure would show my flaws, struggles, and pain... But it would also demonstrate my love, passion, and growth.  

  The dictionary defines exposure as "the state of being exposed to contact with something."  I love this!  To expose myself allows me to share who I am with all of you!  To connect with others, build new relationships and work together to do something that is extraordinary!  Too often as women we want to hide our light.  We are worried about being judged, compared and scrutinized that we rather not step forward but stay in the shadow.  Matthew 5:16 says "In the same way let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."   As women who love the Lord we must share our light, be proud of our light and shine it for others to see.    

I recently bought a small home decor piece for a best friend to remind her of just this and I loved what is said..

"Remember to not be afraid to shine your light,  for you never know who may need your light in their life."

Let's live a life that exposes who we are and the richness of Jesus that shines brightly inside us!  For we are here to share this light with others and capture their hearts for Jesus!  

I am Rachel, the face behind the brand!   Stay tuned as I share more of my life with you on the Blog! 


Hugs XOXO,




As I have  I am Rachel and I am the owner, operator, buyer, packer, shipper, ect. of Zoey Grace.  I am also a Daughter, Wife, Mother, Teacher and friend everyday!  My life is full of love, suprises

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